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0 NBL per game

Quick Guide

Start a battle for only 50K NBL and pit your knight against another real life opponent.

Battle results are determined in a game of chance, so you’ve got 50% chance of winning! If you win, your knight will gain +50XP which will allow it to increase in level once it has achieved a certain amount of XP. Each level gives you an increased staking bonus, for example a level 5 NFT will give you 5% bonus on your staking and a level 10 NFT knight will give you 10% staking bonus. If you lose a battle you’ll lose -25XP. Don’t worry, you won’t go down a level if you lose. Deathmatches are a high risk high reward game mode. If you lose a deathmatch your knight will be burned forever, but if you win you will be awarded with +2 to your knight's current level